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This is the documentation of Napo 4.5 and the versions 4.6-4.23 which implemented only minor changes and bugfixes. The manual of Napo 4.4 is still available here.

General Remarks

Napo's user interface is built from a set of specialised main views, some of which have associated helper views. You select a main view by tapping an element of the icon bar that is displayed at the bottom of the screen:

These are the icons (GLYPHICONS, by the way) and their respective purpose:

This is to display the Console view, which shows the stop, tremulant and coupler knobs and some other frequently used buttons, and can also display onscreen keyboards. Tap the icon repeatedly to toggle between the stops display and a combined stops / keyboards display. New in Napo 4.5: Long-tap the icon to switch to a fullscreen keyboard display.
This is to display the Combinations view, which allows you to edit combination banks and combinations. A combination is a kind of bookmark, so we chose a bookmark icon.
This is to display the Recordings view, where you can listen to and administrate your audio recordings or other audio files uploaded to the app.
This icon is to display the Demo view, which lets you play some demo pieces that are included in the app.
This is to display the Gallery view, where you can enjoy images of the organ, the church or concert hall or its surrounding.
This is to display the Settings view, where various kinds of app settings can be edited. New in Napo 4.5: Long-press the icon to access saved settings.
This icon does not stand for a view, but it provides fast organ switching functionality. It is a plane that takes you to other organs, so to speak. New in Napo 4.5: Long-press the icon to toggle background operation, so you don't need to go to the Settings view for this. Enabled background operation is indicated by green color of the icon:

Each of the mentioned views is described in its own section of this user manual. Concerning fast organ switching: After tapping the airplane icon, the other installed Napo apps are displayed, and you can immediately "fly" to another organ by tapping its image:

Don't be irritated by the label "Open in ..." or "Copy to ..." (depending on the iOS version). This text is created by iOS and, unfortunately, cannot be changed.

There are some more elements that are common to all of the above mentioned views. Which of these are actually displayed, depends on settings made in the Settings view.