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MIDI control

When you have purchased MIDI control, you can operate the following functions of the app by MIDI messages:

Defining MIDI controls for preset selection is done in the User Preset view, as mentioned above. The audio recorder functions and iOS reverb parameters, on the other side, are handled by the MIDI Control view, which you get by tapping the Configure button in the Settings view. The MIDI Control view also serves for selecting the supported MIDI paths:

There are four ways to receive MIDI messages:

Below the Supported MIDI paths section there is a section Recorder control and a section iOS reverb parameters. After tapping a Learn button for a recorder control you can operate a key of a MIDI keyboard or another switch that sends MIDI note or program change messages to connect this switch to the respective recorder function. In case of a reverb parameter, you have to operate a MIDI controller. The detail text of each entry shows the current state. Entries for which a MIDI control was defined have a cross button besides the Learn button. This is for deleting the respective control definition.