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Using the app

Thafknar is built of five main views, each of which can be selected by the tab bar at the bottom of the screen. The icons, by the way, are elements of Jan Kovařík's GLYPHICONS library:

In all of the main views there is a microphone button in the top left. This button activates the playthrough mode, i.e. audio in (microphone or external sound source) is directly routed to audio out, but with added reverb if you select "iOS AU" or "Convolution" in the Parameters view. While playthrough is active, the microphone gets a red color.

When using microphone input, please activate playthrough only with earphones or headphones, because otherwise you create a feedback loop and get ugly high-pitched noise. We are not liable for damage done to your ears or speakers. When you unplug the headphones while playthrough is active, the playthrough mode will be terminated automatically.