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Thafknar can be used as an Audiobus filter to add reverb to audio streams. Following the Audiobus philosophy, the user does not need to configure anything inside Thafknar to enable this, but uses the Audiobus app in the well-known way to add Thafknar to an Audiobus processing path. When Thafknar is operating as an Audiobus filter, you cannot use its playthrough function – you will get a warning if you try to. All other functionality of Thafknar is available in this mode.

Thafknar supports Audiobus state saving. When you create a new preset in the Audiobus app, or update an existing preset, the parameters of the current reverb configuration are saved in Audiobus as they would be saved in a Thafknar user preset. This also allows you to share the parameters of an iOS AU reverb setting with the Audiobus community. It does currently not include the sharing of impulse response files, though.

Inter-App Audio

Thafknar has basic IAA support and can act as an IAA effect. In this mode, the IAA host's icon is displayed at the bottom left of the screen:

Tap this icon to change to the IAA host app.

AUv3 support

Thafknar exposes its convolution engine as an audio unit. You can use this feature on iOS 10.3.3+ after performing the corresponding in-app purchase. The user interface of the audio unit is explained here.