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Installing Impulse Response Files

Shortcuts for installing prepared IR sets

If you are viewing this page on your device and with Safari, and have Rooms! installed, then you can download the following prepared impulse response sets simply by tapping the links. Depending on your network connection, this may take some time. Mind the file sizes if you are on a cellular network.

van Saane Saane.irset 8.2 MB
Voxengo 1 1.irset 1.8 MB
Voxengo 2 2.irset 1.9 MB
Voxengo 3 3.irset 1.6 MB
Voxengo 4 4.irset 1.8 MB

We have prepared some impulse response sets that you can download directly from within the Rooms! app. In Rooms!, go to the Parameters tab, select Convolution, and in the menu at the bottom left select Download IR set and proceed. You need network access for this.

Furthermore, there is a menu entry for downloading zip files, but we may decide to remove this in the future as it seems not to be of much use anymore.

Other than that, impulse response files can be installed either as impulse response sets delivered as a zip files with extension irset or zip, or as single audio files (which are placed in an impulse response set named User). Either way, the process is comprised of two steps:

  1. Transferring the audio files or zip files from the 'outside world' to the (local or iCloud Drive) documents directory of Rooms!, the contents of which you see in the Files view of Rooms!.
  2. Copying the audio files or unpacking the zip files to the impulse response library. After this you will find the copied / extracted files in the Convolution tab of the Parameters view of Rooms!. The contents of the impulse response library is not only accessible by the Rooms! app, but as well by the Rooms! AUv3 extension.

1. Transferring Files to the Documents Directory

There are various ways to do this:

2. Copying IRs to the Impulse Response Library

Go to the Files view of Rooms!. If you want to copy a single audio file to the impulse response library, then long-tap the file name and select Copy to impulse responses. You can also bulk-copy short files (action menu in the bottom left of the view). For copying the contents of a zip file, scroll to the table section Impulse Response Archives, long-tap an irset or zip file and select Unpack to impulse responses.