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The Files App and Zip Files

We were made aware of an issue that arose with Rooms! 6.2 on iOS 12.4: It was not anymore possible to preview the contents of zip files in Apple's Files app. Whenever a zip file was tapped in the Files app, it would immediately open Rooms! and hand over the zip files to it. The cause of the problem was unclear. It seemed to be new with iOS 12.4 and have to do with a certain flag in the app properties that was set to allow the Files app to show the document's directory of Rooms!. As a fast, preliminary solution we cleared this flag and released a bugfix version 6.3.

It turned out that this problem of the Files app is not new in iOS 12.4, and it can happen with other apps and other files types as well. Even 'big player' apps are plagued with it (search for "Google Drive on iOS 11 still hijacking Files app" or "Files app suddenly won't preview content", for example).

In Rooms! 6.4 we use a different flag to expose the (local and iCloud Drive) documents directories of the app. If you still happen to encounter the described adverse effect, then please try the following:

Now the exclusive linkage between zip files and Rooms! is resolved, and when you tap a zip file, you will get the preview in the Files app, as it should be. This seems to persist even when you delete the other app afterwards, but we advise to keep it for the case of a return of the problem.