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IR Set Format for HTTP Download

In Rooms! versions before 3.2, http download file-by-file, as described in the following, was the only way to distribute IR sets. In fullfilment of user wishes, Rooms! 3.2 introduced the importing and exporting of IR set archives. As the archive distribution is easier, we are considering to drop support for the old method in a future versions of Rooms!.

As a way to distribute impulse response sets, you can place the files in a directory on a web server. This directory, for example, has to contain a text file named ImpulseResponseSetList.txt which lists the available IR sets. For example the file looks like this:

Impulse Response Set:van Saane
Impulse Response Set:Voxengo 1
Impulse Response Set:Voxengo 2
Impulse Response Set:Voxengo 3
Impulse Response Set:Voxengo 4

For each IR set there has to be a subdirectory of the same name. For example has subdirectories Demo, van Saane, Voxengo 1, Voxengo 2, etc.

Each IR set subdirectory has to contain a text file named ImpulseResponseSetDescription.txt. To explain the format we again take an example. 1/ImpulseResponseSetDescription.txt looks like this:

Impulse Response:Five Columns Long.wav
Impulse Response:Five Columns.wav
Impulse Response:French 18th Century Salon.wav
Impulse Response:Going Home.wav
Impulse Response:In The Silo Revised.wav
Impulse Response:Narrow Bumpy Space.wav
Impulse Response:Nice Drum Room.wav
Impulse Response:Parking Garage.wav
Impulse Response:Rays.wav
Impulse Response:Trig Room.wav

The version and date information is currently not used by the app, but it can help the user to see if the offered IR set is newer than a version downloaded in the past.

The label Comment: (if present) defines the name of a comment file which gives some general information about the IR set. In the given example, we have created this file when we constructed the IR set from Voxengo's files.

The label License: (if present) defines the name of a license file which states the usage conditions of the IR set. In the given example, this is the original, unaltered license file of Voxengo.

The other entries define the names of the IR files. All listed files have to be within the IR set subdirectory. All text files are supposed to be UTF-8-encoded.