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App Version: 8.8
Napo Version: 4.23

released 2019-03-01

Audiobus Compatible

About the App

PiteaMini is an iOS application which allows you to play the Great Manual (Huvudverk) and Pedal of Lars Palo's Piteå School of Music sampleset on a MIDI keyboard and a MIDI pedal connected to your iOS device. PiteaMini is based on the Napo framework. Please read the Napo documentation and in particular the Napo user manual to learn about its features and limitations.

Starting with PiteaMini 2.0, the volume can be controlled via MIDI. You might be puzzled by the fact that in the Settings view you can define MIDI controllers not only for the Pedal and the Huvudverk, but also for the Svällverk, which is not part of PiteaMini. This is because two stops of the Pedal, Clairon 4' and Trumpet 8', are based on ranks of the Svällverk.

Starting with PiteaMini 5.0, the 4' coupler of the Huvudverk is available in the app. Be aware that using this coupler means that you need about twice the polyphony, which can be too much for older devices.

This is the stops specification:

Huvudverk (Great, C-c4)
Gedacktpommer 16' Oktava 2'
Principal 8' Mixtur IV
Dubbelflöjt 8' Cornet V (f0-c4)
Oktava 4' Trumpet 8

Pedal (C-g1)
Subbas 16' Basun 16'
Oktava 8' Trumpet 8' (Swell)
Gedackt 8' Clairon 4' (Swell)
Oktava 4'

HV/P 4'/I

If one manual and pedal is not enough, have a look at the Pitea app. If you already have purchased PiteaMini, then its price will be reimbursed when you complete the app bundle Pitea+PiteaMini. Conversely, if you already own the Pitea app, then you get PiteaMini for free.

PiteaMini 7.0 was featured by The Sound Test Room. Verdict: "fabulous", "a very enjoable experience." You can find the video below in the Demo Videos section.

Sound Examples

The following examples were recorded with PiteaMini 1.0 running on an iPod touch 4g:

Composition WAV M4A
Samuel Scheidt: Warum betrübst du dich, mein Herz 9.1 MB 4.3 MB
Johann Gottfried Walther: O Jesu, meine Wonne 23.1 MB 11.4 MB
Jan Pieterszon Sweelinck: Toccata 22.4 MB 13.4 MB
"Johann Sebastian Bach": Präludium E-Moll, BWV 555 (✶) 8.3 MB 5.8 MB
Johann Christoph Bach: Helft mir Gottes Güte preisen 13.5 MB 6.6 MB
"Johann Sebastian Bach": Präludium C-Dur, BWV 553 (✶) 10.6 MB 7.3 MB
"Johann Sebastian Bach": Toccata d-Moll, BWV 565 (✶,✩) 13.5 MB 9.1 MB

(✶) Played with sample rate 22050 Hz because the old iPod with its single-core processor does not have enough horsepower for delivering a sufficient polyphony at 44100 Hz. For an iPad 2 or iPad 3 this should be a cinch.

(✩) All stops pulled. The iPod touch (2010 model) is performing quite well here. (Better than the organist.)

Demo Videos

Composition Link
Johann Sebastian Bach, Prelude in E minor (BWV 855) YouTube
Nicolas Antoine Lebègue, Dialogue du 4e (ton) YouTube
Johann Gottfried Walther, Ach Gott, erhör mein Seufzen und Wehklagen YouTube
Livre d'orgue de Limoges, Dialogue YouTube
Carlotta Ferrari, Meditazione mistica YouTube
thesoundtestroom: app review YouTube
ChordMaps2 presentation, showing Virtual MIDI usage. For PiteaMini, see 5:15. YouTube