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App Version: 6.9
Napo Version: 4.23

released 2019-02-28

Audiobus Compatible

About the App

OttOrgan is an iOS application which allows you to play Christian Datzko's Ott-Orgel sampleset on a MIDI keyboard and MIDI pedal connected to your iOS device. OttOrgan is based on the Napo framework. Please read the Napo documentation and in particular the Napo user manual to learn about its features and limitations.

The app's Gallery view shows a photo of the organ which is part of the sampleset package. The background image of the Console view is from the sampleset package, as well. The stop button images are borrowed from Thomas W. H. Koppermann's Orgelseiten; they are derived from a photo of the Rückpositiv stops of the Katharinenkirche organ in Hamburg. The stop labels are rendered with the free ClerestorySSK font. Furthermore, OttOrgan contains impulse response files of Fokke van Saane, see http://fokkie.home.xs4all.nl/IR.htm.

In OttOrgan 5.0 the modelling of the keyboards has changed. The pedal does still not have own ranks and is constantly coupled to the manual, but the both are now separate entities and can be controlled by different MIDI channels. Other than at the real organ with its 30 pedal keys, the pedal in the app is modelled with 32 keys, as this does not cost anything.

Some years ago, the Ott organ was enhanced by a 16' pedal stop. Unfortunately there are no recordings of the new pipes. To still get equivalent playing options in the app, we have added a Subbaß 16' stop in OttOrgan 6.8, which was derived from the Gedackt 8' by pitch shifting and setting new loop points.

By purchasing this app you support the St. Alexandri Foundation in Einbeck, Germany. 30% of the app's revenue will be donated to the foundation.

About the Sampleset

This sampleset was one of the first publicly available high-quality organ samplesets and is still one of the finest samplesets of small pipe organs that you can get. The sampleset files are included in the app with the kind permission of its creator, Christian Datzko, but you can also download the set independently from http://orgel.datzko.ch/ if you would like to use it with other software (e.g. GrandOrgue). At orgelbits.de you find some more information about the set (in German), and on contrebombarde.com there are demo recordings done with Hauptwerk.

About the Organ

According to Christian Datzko's documentation, this privately owned house organ was built in 2003 by Dieter Ott (son of Paul Ott) in Göttingen, Germany. It is completely mechanical and has one manual (56 keys) with five ranks and a constantly coupled pedal (30 keys). Somewhat later it was extended by a pedal Subbaß 16'. This is the stops specification:

Name Notes
Gedackt 8' C-g3
Rohrflöte 4' C-g3
Principal 2 C-g3
Quinte 1 1/3' C-g3
Oktave 1' C-g3
Subbaß 16' C-g1

Sound Examples

The following examples were recorded with OttOrgan 1.0 running on an iPod touch 4g:

Composition WAV M4A WAV (✩) M4A (✩)
Johann Gottfried Walther: Jesu, meine Freude 13.8 MB 5.3 MB 13.8 MB 5 MB
Johann Gottfried Walther: Mach's mit mir, Gott, nach deiner Güt 15.6 MB 8.4 MB 15.9 MB 8.4 MB
Wiener Tanzbüchel: Tantz (✶) 6.8 MB 3.5 MB 7.1 MB 3.4 MB
Ludwig van Beethoven: Allegretto (✶) 16.2 MB 8.8 MB 16.5 MB 9.1 MB
Aus dem Klavierbuch der Regina Clara Hoff: Bassa Imperiale (✶) 12.6 MB 7.1 MB 12.8 MB 6.9 MB
Jan Pieterszon Sweelinck: Toccata 18.7 MB 12.3 MB 18.8 MB 11.9 MB
Antonio de Cabezón: Dic nobis, Maria 13.9 MB 7.7 MB 14.1 MB 7.4 MB

(✩) Reverb added with Audacity (AUMatrixReverb, Large Hall setting).
(✶) Die heitere Königin, Volume 1, Musikverlag Dr. J. Butz.

And some Bach pieces, played by Andreas Lesch with OttOrgan 6.9 running on an iPad:

Composition WAV WAV (✩)
"Johann Sebastian Bach": Prelude in F major, BWV 556 15.7 MB 17.4 MB
"Johann Sebastian Bach": Fugue in F-Dur, BWV 556 17.8 MB 19.7 MB
Johann Sebastian Bach: Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten, BWV 691, interpreted in major key 10 MB 11.1 MB
Johann Sebastian Bach: Fugue in C major, BWV 846 21.2 MB 23.2 MB

(✩) Reverb added with Rooms! (Convolution reverb, Impulse Response: Voxengo 2 / Musikvereinssaal).

Demo Videos

Composition Link
Antonio de Cabezón, Dic nobis, Maria YouTube
Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow, Christ lag in Todesbanden YouTube
Georg Böhm, Ach. wie nichtig, ach, wie flüchtig YouTube
Girolamo Frescobaldi, Bergamasca YouTube
thesoundtestroom: app review YouTube