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Using a Launchpad Mk2

Starting with version 4.11, Napo includes special support for the Novation Launchpad MK2. This makes sense in particular when you use an iPhone or iPod Touch as a MIDI expander, because while you are playing organ with both hands it is not that easy to switch stops on a small touchscreen. Of course it is possibile to map stops and combinations to the keys of a dedicated MIDI keyboard, but maybe you prefer the large, illuminated buttons of a Launchpad.

To connect one or several MIDI keyboards (directly by USB, or via a MIDI-USB adapter) and additionally a Launchpad to an iDevice, a USB hub is needed. Because of the increased power requirements this needs to be a powered hub.

Napo detects when you mount a Launchpad and cares to keep the Launchpad lights and the touchscreen buttons in sync. When you connect several Launchpads, they will work synchronously, i.e. you cannot map some stop controls to one and other stop controls to another Launchpad. Besides that, they must be configured to use the same User 2 MIDI channel. This channel needs to be different from the channels of your MIDI keyboards.

Before using a Launchpad, you have to set up the MIDI mapping. This can be done in the standard way using Napo's MIDI Learn function or by installing a predefined default configuration. For the Launchpad buttons that have a MIDI mapping, the colors of the button lights can be configured. The default configuration includes default colors.

To access the Launchpad configuration functions, tap the entry Launchpad Configuration in the actions menu of the Settings view. This gives two choices:

For example, this is the default configuration for Jeux d'orgues Mini:

The respective settings in the color editor:

The layout of the default configuration is like this:

If you intend to use the button Start/Stop Recording of the Launchpad, then it is wise to switch the recorder to the mode use default name (for this, long-tap the button Start Rec. in the Console view). That way you don't have to resort to the touchscreen each time you finish a recording.

Changes in Napo 4.17

In connection with the support for the Launchpad Mini (see below), the mechanism had to be changed. The Launchpad Mini can send only on channel 1, which on the other hand is often used for keyboards. Now the following holds:

Using a Launchpad Mini

Starting with Napo 4.17, the Launchpad Mini is supported as well. With the Mini model, it is not possible to control the button lamps via RGB values, but there is only a small selection of predefined colours available. Distinguishing stop types etc. by colours is not feasible here. We decided for the colors that are shown here with the Jeux d'orgues Mini app as example:

Other Launchpad Models

According to the Launchpad programming reference, the Launchpad S can be controlled like the Launchpad Mini, and the Launchpad Pro like the Launchpad MK2. Hence, these two models should be usable with Napo, too. However, for lack of test devices we can until now not tell anything sure in this regard.