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Joseph Basquin's Jeux d'orgues project

Jeux d'orgues Mini

App Version: 5.7
Napo Version: 4.17

released 2017-10-07

Audiobus Compatible

Listen to on SoundCloud. Thanks to Rob Peebles.

About the App

Jeux d'orgues Mini is a free, downsized version of the Jeux d'orgues app. It offers a selection of ten stops of the 21 stops of the Stiehr-Mockers organ and is suited to run not only on iPad, but also on iPod touch and iPhone. Like Jeux d'orgues, Jeux d'orgues Mini is based on the Napo framework. Please read the Napo documentation and in particular the Napo user manual to learn about its features and limitations.

Sound Examples

The following recordings were created with Jeux d'orgues Mini 1.0 running on an iPad 4 and using Napo's convolution reverb with various impulse responses:

Composition Impulse Response WAV M4A
Conrad Paumann: Prelude Schellingwoude Church 9.9 MB 6.6 MB
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach: Menuett (✶) Buiksloot Church 14.7 MB 8.7 MB
Johann Sebastian Bach: Der grimmig Tod Factory Hall 33.3 MB 15.5 MB

(✶) Published by J├╝rgen Knuth at imslp.org. License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike 3.0.

Demo Videos

View on YouTube.

View on YouTube.

View on YouTube.

View on YouTube.

View on YouTube.