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Esmuc V1

App Version: 1.1
Napo Version: 4.23

released 2019-03-01

Audiobus Compatible

About the App

Esmuc V1 is an iOS application which allows you to play Pere Casullera's sample set of the Gerhard Grenzing organ of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, the Catalonia College of Music (see Wikipedia), on up to two MIDI keyboards and a MIDI pedal connected to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (iPad 2 or better is recommended). The app is based on the Napo framework. Please read the Napo documentation and in particular the Napo user manual to learn about its features and limitations.

In the interest of easier handling on small screens, for the "authentic" console mode of this app we decided against moving stops and for a somewhat more abstract, flat representation of the stops.

The fact that the tremulant operates on the pipes of both manuals, but the Oboè 8’ is in its own swellbox, can currently not be modelled in Napo. Hence, for the time being, in the app the tremulant does not operate on the Oboè 8’, but the volume of this stop can be controlled independently. This function can be mapped to a MIDI pedal in the MIDI settings of the app.

The Esmuc organ is designed and intonated such that it sounds excellent even in a room of moderate size, without much reverb. Hence we used the selection "Short" of the iOS reverb as the default for this app.

About the Sample Set

The Esmuc V1.00 sample set is freely available at http://samplesets.esmuc.info resp. http://casacota.cat and can for example be used with GrandOrgue as well. It has a size of about 1.2 GB.

When we listened to this set, we were from the start delighted by the character of the stops and the quality of the recordings, and so we are most pleased about and thankful for the permission to use the WAV files and additional photos for creating the Esmuc V1 app.

About the Organ

This two-manual instrument of the Catalonia College of Music was made in 2002 by the renowned organ builder Gerhard Grenzing, see Wikipedia and grenzing.com. It has a set of eleven beautifully sounding stops:

1r teclat (lower manual, C-g3)
Flautat 8' Octava 4'
Dotzena 2 2/3' Nasard en 17a 1 3/5'
Ple III 1 1/3'
2n teclat (upper manual, C-g3)
Bordó 8' Flauta Xemeneia 4'
Quinzena 2' Oboè 8’
expression pedal for the Oboè
tremulant (for both manuals)
Pedal (C-f')
Subbaix 16' Baix 8'
I - Ped II - I (C - c')
II - Ped II - I (c#' - g''')

Sound Examples

Composition Link
Rob Peebles: J. S. Bach, Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 625 SoundCloud

Demo Videos

Komposition Link
Michel Corrette, Menuet d'Exaudet YouTube
Michel Corrette, Concert de Flûtes YouTube
Jacob Paix, Ballo Angelese YouTube
Anonymous, A Galyarde YouTube
Anonymous, The Kyngs Marke YouTube