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App Version: 2.4
Napo Version: 4.10

released 2016-07-09

Audiobus Compatible

About the App

BureaMini is to Burea what PiteaMini is to Pitea: A subset of the stops that is playable not only on iPad, but on iPhone / iPod touch also, and needs less SSD space than the full organ (about 680 MB instead of 1.5 GB). Like our other virtual organ apps, BureaMini is based on Napo. Please read the Napo documentation and in particular the Napo user manual to learn about Napo's features and limitations.

BureaMini comprises the Great Manual (Huvudverk) and Pedal of Lars Palo's Bureå Church sampleset. This is the stops specification:

Huvudverk (I, C-g3)
Principal 8' Oktava 2'
Gedakt 8' Sesquialtera II
Oktava 4' Mixtur V
Rörflöjt 4' Trumpet 8'

Pedal (C-f1)
Subbas 16' Nachthorn 2'
Principal 8' Rauschpfeife IV
Gedakt 8' Basun 16'
Oktava 4' Trumpet 4'


For more information about the organ and the sampleset, see Burea.

Demo Videos

View on YouTube.

View on YouTube.