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App Version: 3.2
Napo Version: 4.10

released 2016-07-19

Audiobus Compatible

About the App

Burea is an iOS application which allows you to play Lars Palo's sampleset the Hammarbergs organ of the church in Bureå, Sweden, on up to three MIDI keyboards and a MIDI pedal connected to your iPad (with exception of iPad 1). Burea is based on the Napo framework. Please read the Napo documentation and in particular the Napo user manual to learn about its features and limitations.

Burea makes use of the Bureå Church sampleset version beta 2. The app's Gallery view shows photos that are part of the sampleset package. The stop button images and the Console view background image are derived from one of these photos. Furthermore, Burea contains impulse response files of Fokke van Saane, see http://fokkie.home.xs4all.nl/IR.htm.

If you don't have an iPad but would like to get a virtual pipe organ for your iPhone or iPod touch, have a look at the BureaMini app, which offers you a subset (Huvudverk and Pedal) of the Bureå organ.

There is also a free version, named BureaFree, which covers only the mid three octaves of the sampleset but has otherwise identical functionality.

About the Sampleset

The Bureå Church sampleset is provided by Lars Palo and Graham Goode under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license, see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/. For your convenience, all needed files of the sampleset package are included in the app, but you can also download the sampleset independently from http://www.familjenpalo.se/vpo/download if you would like to use it with other software (e.g. GrandOrgue).

About the Organ

According to Lars Palo's documentation, this organ was built in 1967 by Hammarbergs Orgelbyggeri AB. It is a three-manual (56 keys) instrument with 28 manual ranks and a pedal (30 keys) with eight stops. This is the stops specification:

Huvudverk (I, C-g3)
Principal 8' Oktava 2'
Gedakt 8' Sesquialtera II
Oktava 4' Mixtur V
Rörflöjt 4' Trumpet 8'

Svällverk (II, C-g3)
Principal 4' Waldflöjt 4'
Salicional 8' Septima 1 1/7'
Hålflöjt 4' Nasat 1 1/3'
Rörflöjt 8' Scharf III
Ters 1 3/5' Skalmeja 8'

Bröstverk (III, C-g3)
Gedakt 8' Oktava 1'
Koppelflöjt 8' Cymbel II
Rörkvint 2' Krumhorn 8'
Principal 2'

Pedal (C-f1)
Subbas 16' Nachthorn 2'
Principal 8' Rauschpfeife IV
Gedakt 8' Basun 16'
Oktava 4' Trumpet 4'


Demo Videos

View on YouTube.

View on YouTube.

For more demos, see BureaMini.